Sex, Death, and Bowling


If you’re not so familiar with LA County geography, let me describe Fillmore, California for you. It’s an agrarian town if there ever was one. Orange fields, just everywhere. It’s this little town out of the big city that is the setting for “Sex, Death, and Bowling.” Fun Fact: It’s not as NSFW as the title may seem! With the help of my (Eli McAllister) uncle (Sean McAllister, Adrian Grenier), I embark on a journey to cope with the slow death of my father to cancer, to win a bowling tournament, and to beat bullies. It’s a sad movie, but in the end, it really brings home a great message: that we all have to bind together, no matter how hard things get.


PS: The title has an oxford comma and the official film title doesn't. I'm a purist.